A fog over the Alps: Salzburg, Austria, 2006

If you look closely you can see a beautiful mountain vista. See it? No, me neither.

A fog had rolled in over the Alps and from my vantage point at a fortress in the centre of Salzburg, Austria (Festung Hohensalzburg) this was all I could see. A little disappointed I guess.  I had been told it was quite beautiful. Meh, the castle was neat and it was a great hike nonetheless.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently for some reason. It was 2006 and this was my first time in Europe. I had taken a brief solo tour through Austria and Bavaria after working for over a week and a half with an organization called the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre on a military exercise in Germany. My job was to act as a journalist for a peacekeeping exercise and harass the public affairs officials with the Bundeswehr. A fantastic experience.

How did I get this job? A random email from a past professor popped into my inbox one day outlining the position and saying to reply immediately if I was interested. Three months later, I was on a plane for my first trip across the Atlantic.

This was almost exactly four years ago when the travel insect first stung. Since then, I’m always looking for somewhere to go regardless of how impractical or unaffordable it may be. Two days ago, I was trying to devise a weekend jaunt to London and now I’m pondering a brief trek to New York.

When it comes to travelling, I’m always startled with the realization of how little I know about geography, about history, about culture. While each trip may make me a little wiser, at the same time, there are so many new questions waiting for an answer.

Hopefully next time the fog is lifted. I’m curious to see what’s underneath.

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