Breaking News: Announcing the Launch of Four-Month Asia Australia Trip


OTTAWA – After concluding a series of intense discussions and negotiations, Darcy Knoll and his wife Sara announced they will be launching a 107-day two-continent journey starting Sept. 5, 2011.

“From Asia to Australia in just over 100 days. It will be an adventure,” said Knoll at a press conference late Monday.

Darcy and his gorgeous wife Sara will leave Ottawa for Toronto where they will depart for Shanghai (via New York and LA) on Labour Day. The couple will not return to Canada until just before Christmas 2011.

To coincide with this significant announcement, the couple also told reporters that they plan to keep a blog account of the triumphs, pitfalls, tastes, and sights of their journey.

For Sara, this will be her first major blogging venture although she has already amassed a significant following of fans awaiting her debut.

“The public has demanded this,” she told reporters. “And I plan to deliver.”

Her new blog can be found at Darcy’s blog will run through his highly-acclaimed Internet platform The couple said more details of their trip would be released throughout July and August.

Although the couple publicly kept details of this trip under wraps, industry insiders said they knew an announcement was coming for quite some time. Inadvertent Tweets and Facebook messages from well-wishing friends unaware of the news embargo only heightened the speculation. The rumour mill took off dramatically two weeks ago when Darcy relaunched his blog with a cryptic post hinting at a major announcement to come.

The couple’s cat, Audrey, could not be reached for comment. Sources said she would release a statement at a later date.


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