Stunning Yangshuo

The bus ride from the rice terraces was smooth enough, meaning we got to Yangshuo without problems (but not so smooth in that I couldn’t write a legible thing in my book). We knew the hotel wasn’t far, but we couldn’t find any street names to orient us.

Sara went to look down a sidestreet and I stood looking at a map when a early-20ish guy approached me on a bike. He offered to help and he called the hotel and walked us to a place where the owner came to meet us. Again, China is oh so friendly.

As we were walking, he asked me if I knew of any Canadian universities. He said he was thinking of going to Carleton. “Carleton?!”, thinking I heard him wrong. Yes, Carleton University in Ottawa, my home for four years. Random.

Before we parted ways, I gave him my contact info and said if he ever needed help in any way in Ottawa to contact me. I would be so pleased to return the favour.

We checked into a lovely room up four long flights of stairs at the West Lily Hotel (roughly $10 a night). We then sat at a table outside at a nearby dumpling shop and enjoyed the afternoon with Liq Nature beer and pork dumplings.

Yanghuo is what I pictured Guilin to be. A pleasent town surrounded by amazing karst mountains piercing the flatlands throughout. Very pretty although parts are a little touristy.

We walked around the town and a woman approached us about a bamboo boat ride. This was the best weather we had seen yet and I knew the approachiing sunset would be perfect for photos. So we said no and walked away quickly through a market and down some steps.

As expected, she caught up to us and dropped her price to 150Y from earlier 185Y. Eventually, we settled at 100 for a two hour cruise, just the two of us on a bamboo boat with a driver. The photos do not do the trip justice.


Returning to Yangshuo.

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