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I have worked as a professional writer since 2005. Please click on the articles below for a sample of my writing. (Click here to visit my LinkedIn profile).

Online (personal blog)

Cambodia” November 18, 2011

Insulting the spirits in Bali” December 28, 2011

Hiking the dragon’s backbone” October 2, 2011

Shanghai old and new” September 9, 2011

Magic carpets” August 13, 2010

Online (outside sources) 

But what about the dudes?” [external site] Opinion piece on the CARE Canada blog looking at CARE’s policy of gender equality from a male perspective. April 13, 2012.

Why every contribution is significant” [external site] Article on Ask Me Ottawa website regarding the importance of volunteers in Ottawa’s anti-homelessness community. January 3, 2012.

Tell me a story…” [external site] Blog post on narratives and marketing. The Daily Breakthrough, November 23, 2010.

News, Features and Opinion

Joint Support Ship program has floundered in a ‘minefield’” [PDF] Article. The Hill Times. August 25, 2008.

Canadians Stand Guard on the Front Lines of a 55-Year-Old War” [PDF] Article and photos. Embassy – Canada’s Foreign Policy Newsweekly, July 30, 2008. Article and photos.

Marching down memory lane: Past and present come to life in South Korea” [PDF] Feature article and photos. Esprit de Corps magazine. August 2008.

Changing the Face of the Canadian Forces” [PDF] Analysis piece. The Hill Times. July 7, 2008.

CANSEC 2008: Finding a silver lining in Afghan clouds” [PDF] Feature article and photos. Esprit de Corps magazine. May 2008.

A prisoner dilemma: What happens after we transfer detainees?” [PDF] Feature article. Esprit de Corps magazine. April 2007.

Filling the gap in Kandahar: Reservists expected to make up 25% of the Canadian battle group in 2008” [PDF] Feature article and photos. Esprit de Corps magazine. September 2007.

A weekend with the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa” [PDF] Feature article and photos. Esprit de Corps magazine. December 2007.

General Rick Hillier: The face of the Canadian Forces” [PDF] Feature article. April 2006.

Published Academic Writing

Review of the book International communications strategy: Developments in cross-cultural communications, PR and social media” [PDF] Global Media Journal – Canadian Edition. August 2011.

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